We practice in the area of maritime law and admiralty law firm in India. The law is governed by domestic statutes & International covenants as well as case precedents in relation to legal disputes arising out on the territorial waters or the high seas or the continental shelf (or exclusive economic zones), being used for interstate or foreign commerce. We are involved in cases relating to –

  • Representing clients in cases dealing with Ships’ Assets and Releases
  • Involved in extensive Shipping Litigation and arbitration
  • Representing clients in cases of Collision and Salvage
  • Representing clients in re Contracts for Construction
  • Represented recently, one of the clients, Jagson drilling, in a case involving collision and damage to one of the its rig “Deepsea Matdrill” off the Porbandar/Jamnagar Port in the state of Gujarat State, under the Territorial Waters, Continental Shelf, Exclusive Economic and other Maritime Zones Act 1976.
  • Involved in advising and representing client enterprises in their operation of artificial islands, off-shore terminals, installations, etc.
  • Filing and defending of admirality suits before the admirality courts.