Dr. Shashwat Bajpai and his team have significant experience in handling a variety of civil and commercial cases at every level of the judicial hierarchy. The Law chambers have a well-established practice before the Hon’ble Supreme Court and before the Delhi High Court. Clients have time and again reposed their confidence in us for representing them in these cases as also under the new aegis of the commercial courts act, 2015. This is inclusive of original side and appellate jurisdiction. DRSB Law Chamber’s presence is across India and outside, having a systematic collaboration with our network of local lawyers in all the major cities in India.

The Law chamber has full capability of representing clients before the District Courts, Senior Civil Judge, & District Judge including various quasi-judicial bodies & regulatory authorities. The Chamber’s also has competence dealing with the urgent listing of cases through the mentioning process or processes at the Supreme Court/ High Court Registry with a dedicated staff at all courts for filing and listing of cases.

  • Specializes in Recovery of money suits;
  • Summary suits for recovery of money under Order 37 CPC.
  • Suit for specific performance.
  • Suit for Declaration
  • Suit for Injunction
  • Suit for termination of Deeds and cancellation of Documents
  • Suit for Damages and Compensation
  • Suit against Defamation
  • Litigations involving Sale and delivery of goods/products, including managing the entire court process and strategy.
  • Suit for Recovery of Possession
  • Criminal proceedings relating to Offence of Cheque Dishonor under Section 138 of NI Act, 1881
  • Cases relating to issues of Principal & Agent Relation Ship (during the course of business), contract of service & contract for service, independent contractor, etc.
  • Conveyancing and Drafting for all the above.
  • Leading evidence, recording of evidence and Conducting examinations & cross-examination.
  • Favorable landmark judgement of the Delhi High Court on the Delhi Apartment ownership Act – OS Bajpai Vs. The Administrator (Lt. Governor of Delhi & Others), argued by Dr. Shashwat Bajpai (RP. No.393 of 2016).
  • Currently arguing the challenge to constitutionality of Rule 69(1)(c) Pension Rules, 1972, before the Delhi High Court;
  • Expertise in Contracts & Tender cases; on behalf of clients, involved in projects running into thousands of crores, have challenged the award of contract/s, moved Courts against wrongful termination of contract as also challenged certain tender conditions forming part of the tender documents.